How Do I Qualify?

Membership Qualifications for 2020-2021


Under the age of 45


Title of CEO, President, Managing Director, Managing Partner, or Chairman of the Board of qualifying company


Gross annual sales of US $13M (US $9M for agency-type); or US $260M assets for financial institution; or US $15M enterprise value


50 full-time employees or > US $2M employee compensation (excluding that of applicant) and a minimum of 15 employees

"YPO has been a transformational experience for myself, my family and for business. Being part of this global leadership community has given me access to the resources I needed, unlocking business opportunities, creating friendships, and continuously fueling my lifelong learning spirit.
It’s a journey, one that will take you as far as you are willing to go."

Luciano Macagno - YPO member since 2015

What Are the Dues?

YPO International FY21

Annual dues - $3,975 (prorated monthly from July 1st) One-time initiation fee - $3,975 ($2,000 of which is given back as a new member voucher to be used within the first two years of membership towards the cost of an International or regional event)

YPO Miami FY21

Chapter Dues - $5000 (prorated monthly from July 1st) One-time initiation fee - $7,500 (never prorated)

NOTE: YPO members must pay both international and local chapter dues

The first step in the YPO Miami membership process is to complete the online application.
Our Membership Team will then be in touch to discuss next steps.